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The federal story begins in february 2011 when a majority of french breeders decides to coordinate more effectively the efforts provided in France during several years for the development and improvement of the purebred Lipizzaner horse race. This Federation, heir to the great national equestrian tradition, but also to the no less glorious one of various European State Stud from the Austro-Hungarian Empire who initiated the race, aims to maintain one and the other at the highest level of the worldwide hierarchy.


The current President of the French Federation of the Lipizzaner,

is Marie-Françoise Chevallier Le Page,

and the Vice-president Severine Tocaven.

The role of the FFLRole_of_the_FFL.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0

The FFL is made of a group of breeders, owners, riders and frequent users of Lipizzan horses, operating on the french national territory, either as individual, or through an association or a corporation, willing to contribute to the development of the race, the flow of information in all matters, and volunteered to undertake all actions necessary to promote breeding and reputation of purebred Lipizzaner horse.



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