On this page you will find the history and the structure of the Fédération Française du Lipizzan as well as informations about the Board, the Committee, the General Assembly, and the by-laws.

Introduction to the Fédération Française du Lipizzan

Learn about the Fédération Française du Lipizzan :

Its aims
Its history
Its Board

Structure of the FFL

The Fédération Française du Lipizzan was created in conformity with the french law settled in 1901 for groups of volunteers called «Associations». It is managed by a Board and a Committee whose members are elected. Its General Assembly is composed of breeding and equestrian groups legally and officially related to Lipizzan horses.

Here you will find the federal organization, the General Assemblies, the Board and Committee, as well as the Commissions and federal services.


The FFL was created on the february 14th, 2011. Its headquarter is : Ecuries du Château, 8 route de la mer, 76220 MENERVAL (France).

You will find in the texts hereafter the necessary documents.

Disciplinary and doping control commissions

The FFL disciplinary and doping control commissions decide on disciplinary cases and human or animal doping files. Official regulation and laws : "Règlement disciplinaire général" et "Règlement disciplinaire de lutte contre le dopage humain et animal" can be found and downloaded hereafter.


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