The Lipizzan is breed there in most cases considering its destination.

That of Piber, selected for its expression, its nobility, harmony between his body and his movements, his good character, his pride and his great intelligence, is designed for coaches of the Imperial Court and the Spanish Riding School of Vienna. This work in the Spanish Riding School serves as an ultimate selection for breeding stallions who return annually to the Federal Stud Piber.

The Lipica Stud Farm also provides breeding of noble Lipizzaner, but the selection is different as males do not go the Vienna Riding School but rather participate to international dressage competition. The selection of locally fillies in patterns and gaits contests is there quite severe also.

In the other state stud farms the Lipizzaner is often bred for teams, but also to improve the races of horses used in agriculture. This Lipizzan is hardier, adapted to the environment, the small mountain. It is strong, easy to feed and, also, of great kindness.

Fire branding is traditional among the Lipizzan horses:

  1. On the left rip the mark of the stud; for Piber: a «P» surmounted by the crown of Emperors of Austria

  2. On the left shoulder under the saddle, the father's initial letter and under, the sign of the father of the mother

  3. On the right shoulder under the saddle, the registration number in the Book of foals.

  4. On the left chhek, the L for «Lipizzan».



traditional stud farms  




The State Stud of traditional breeding for Lipizzaner horses in Europe are:


  1. PIBER, Austria

  2. LIPICA, Slovenia

  3. TOPOLCIANKY, Slovaquia

  4. SZILVASVARAD, Hungria

  5. SIMBATA DE JOS, Romania

  6. DJAKOVO, Croatia



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