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The General Assembly of the Federation brings together all the leaders of groups of livestock and equestrian, affiliated and accredited, to date with their dues. It meets annually to vote on the accounts, approve the budget and policy report, to discharge the Federal Committee for its management.

Every four years the General Assembly shall renew the mandate of the Committee members and elect the President;if necessary, the by-laws may be amended by the GA called for that purpose



You will find under this heading the name and functions of the persons elected at the General Establishing Assembly February 14, 2011.

Composition of the Commissions of the Federation, their roles and responsibilities :

Federal Commissions

Statutory Commissions

Sports Commissions

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The French Federation of Lipizzan is an association Act 1901. It is headed by a Bureau and the Federal Committee composed of elected members. The actions of the Federation are offered by various Federal Commissions, validated by the Committee and implemented by volunteers and federal services.

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