role of the ffl

The role of the FFL FFL

The Fédération Française du Lipizzan aims to :

1.Promote and encourage the breeding of purebred Lipizzan horses in France according to traditional principles of the Book of Origins

2.Assist in the development of policy to improve the breed and selection within the Studbook concerned in harmony with the Book of Origins

3.Enforce, under the regulation of the Studbook and in accordance with the regulation policy of the Book of Origins, the policy of breeding and breed selection of the race

4.Operate, after approval of  the Minister(s) responsible(s), in the selection of the Lipizzan horse and participate in the international prestige of French breeding of Lipizzaner horse

5.Promote and develop for the Lipizzaner horse activities and equestrian disciplines recognized by the French Equestrian Federation (Fédération Française d’Equitation)

6.Represent all members of the FFL, breeders, owners, riders and users of Lipizzaner horse

7.Respect and enforce basic rules of traditional breeding and reproduction of Lipizzan horse, and more generally speaking the framework rules, the rules of discipline, rules of respect for human as well as horses, rules against human doping, rules against animal doping, hygiene and safety rules.

9.Ensure within it the freedom of opinion and the respect of the rights of defense, prohibit any discrimination, ensure compliance with the code of ethics of the sport established by the National French Olympic Committee (CNOSF).

10.Integrate concepts of sustainable development and environmental protection in all its activities, and do so with its member,

11.     Participate in all matters concerning the Lipizzan horse, in practice of these horses equestrian activities, as in breeding of bloodstock, in government actions.

The statutory tasks

The Fédération Française du Lipizzan :

  1. 1.       Develops and enforces the French Studbook of the Lipizzan horse,

  2. 2.Is the organ of management control of the French Studbook Lipizzaner horse;

           After approval, one of its members chair the Commission Studbook and the Commission Approval,

  1. 3.       Contributes to the selection of breeding stock, including the organization of competitions for livestock, training and selection of judges,

  2. 4.       Organizes events and workshops on breeding, classical riding and equestrian activities in general

  3. 5.     Select the France team composed of one (or several) user of Lipizzaner horse for participation in the International Championships in all categories and Equestrian disciplines as in breeding

  4. 6.       Participates in courses leading to graduation teaching methods for breeding and riding issued or approved by the State,

  5. 7.       Organizes training and issuance of federal licenses, diplomas, awards, recognizing labels or qualification, specific to the Lipizzan horse, to volunteer teachers for breeding and riding, and judges, referees and commissioners contests and competitions,

  6. 8.       Organizes or participates in organizing departmental, regional, national or international sports events for the Lipizzaner horse, or in which the Lipizzan horse is involved,

  7. 9.       Participates in the organization, under the authority of the Minister for Sport, of the chain's accession of Lipizzaner horse at the high level,

  8. 10.     Organizes or participates in organizing meetings, congresses, conferences, exhibitions, workshops, seminars and lectures relevant to its purpose and mission,

  9. 11.    Organizes and controls all actions to promote livestock and equestrian activities on the Lipizzan horse, participates in the editing and publication of any document, official bulletins or instructions of particular technical interest,

  10. 12.     Establish and communicate a general documentation on issues relating to the Lipizzan horse, its history, and that of the Spanish Riding School of Vienna,

  11. 13.     Operates from any organization to promote breeding and equestrian activities on the Lipizzan horse

14.Organizes and develops international relations.


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