history of the ffl

The federal story begins in february 2011 when a majority of french breeders decides to coordinate more effectively the efforts provided in France during several years for the development and improvement of the purebred Lipizzaner horse race. This Federation -heir to the great national equestrian tradition, but also to the no less glorious one of various European State-stud born after the burst of the Austro-Hungarian Empire who initiated the race- aims to maintain one and the other at the highest level of the worldwide hierarchy.

Since the importation into France in the sixties, of the first Lipizzaners from Austria, several farms were developed, and various associations have emerged.

The weight of structures, history and, may be also, cultural differences, has resulted for these various structures in an apparently irreversible dynamic burst of French Lipizzan Horse World.

Yet, in early 2011, a stream of understanding has given rise to a movement of unity among the different institutions of national livestock sharing the same passion for this legendary horse.

Thus all these wills have clinked together to form the French Federation of Lipizzan (FFL) which reunite the breeders, owners, riders and frequent users of Lipizzan horses, operating on the french national territory, either as individual, or through an association or a corporation, willing to contribute to the development of the race, the flow of information in all matters, and volunteered to undertake all actions necessary to promote breeding and reputation of purebred Lipizzaner horse.

On February 14, 2011, the founding members, gathered in the Constituent Assembly, have validated the by-laws and endorsed the principles exposed in the draft of Internal Rules.

Registration in «Prefecture de Dieppe» was conducted February 18, 2011, and publication in the «Journal Officiel» March 5th (Identification R.N.A. : W761003016 - N° : 20110010 -  1504).

The combined forces now act together in diversity and complementarity, to build a very modern breeding and sport-leisure activity, under the acronym of the French Federation of the Lipizzaner.

The history

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