According to tradition, the six lines of classic standards are embodied by the first letter of each line, thus:

  1. « P »     Pluto

  2. « C »    Conversano

  3. « F »     Favory

  4. « M »    Maestoso

  5. « N »    Neapolitano

  6. « S »     Siglavy

But when it is, not the stallion itself, nor its lineage, but the father of the mother (maternal grandfather) of a colt or a filly, it is no more a capital letter that is used, but a sign:

   Pluto           Conversano          Favory              Maestoso           Neapolitano         Siglavy    


Entering the Spanish Riding School of Vienna, each stallion is assigned a number associated with his name.


Simbata de Jos - Fagaras

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