Madame, Mademoiselle, Monsieur,

The summer continues, and it seems it has been used by many of us to provide opportunities to meet Lipizzaner’s fans, either in various fields of competition, in colorful and pleasant shows, in various committees, through magazines, in our respective stud or stables, or sometimes simply on the internet ....

  1. -Among these meetings, one with a young Belgian student who, performing a work of Ethnography under the aegis of the University of Brussels, had chosen the Lipizzaner horse as a subject and had questioned us. He has received congratulations from his Professor, and sent us with his work. You can download it from the site of the FFL: Publications

  1. -Also on the website of our Federation two pages concerning a research made by a group of scientists about ten years ago on the genome of the Lipizzaner, and the population of horses in the world (worth beeing dicovered): Genome of the Lipizzan Horse.           

  1. -Growing success of our Lipizzaners on the grounds of competitions; a few results are on the website of the Federation.

  1. -A lotof people keep exchanging messages and photos about the foals of the year, but also horses for sale across Europe. These informations are usually written in German or English (or Croatian, or Romanian...!) but we thought it might be interesting for us to prepare and circulate a summary in French and English through our website. Thank you for your review of the interest that this is likely to present for most of us ( because, as you can imagine, this is quite a job, only worth to realize if it is of any help for you.

  1. -Some have started to send us informations on their activities or results, which we look forward, when possible, to publish. It's a start, and all those who think that our Federation is a promising tool are welcome to join. The more we receive information on what makes the relational «fabric» of our small community, and its ability to be recognized by the greatest number, the better, broader and more accurate will be the information provided by our Federation. This naturally depends on all of us, and our cohesion.

  1. -Like last year, where we had personally invited him, the Chief Rider of the Spanish Riding School Andreas Hausberger came to La Roque d'Anthéron, this time at the request of the Philip brothers, for a clinic still very popular. Having been teaching up to 11 students a day, he returned to Austria after a new escapade to the famous Castellas Collias! We have congratulated him.

  1. -For their part the National French Stud have used the summer to further their knowledge in the management of the French Stud Book of Lipizzaner horses, and seem to have been taking at the highest level, the greatest interest in it. The conviction of the leaders of the IFCE in this field made sense. In the future the State Studswill not anymore take charge over the different breeds of horses in France or abroad (they will not have the means for that), and each race will assume responsibility for its own management, and therefore rules that prevail. Under these conditions it seems clear that the interests of breeders is to practice their job and passion as well as possible, not to proceed deliberately and mainly by a succession of errors. It is a vision that is both realistic but also quite optimistic about the future of breeding, at least in Europe and our race. In this context the IFCE seemed surprised that the French breeders are no longer members of the Lipizzan International Federation (LIF). Soon after, and probably in response to this questioning, the Vice-president of the AFL, Armand Schuster Ballwill has made an initial approach to the LIF on behalf of Ms. Bellon. We'll probably know more about it pretty soon.

  1. -An article in Equus (German magazine well known in Central Europe about the baroque and traditional horse) is currently the subject of considerable controversy. Written by Ilona Kirsch, President of the German Association of Lipizzaner, he criticizes the management of the Spanish School of Vienna by its Director, Mrs. E. Gürtler, and that of the National Stud of Piber by Max Dobrestberger, its Director, under various charges. Read this! Alas, only in German. Legal action was planned by those having been implicated. There will probably be abandoned to avoid an unnecessary, negative and damaging publicity.

  1. -New stallions have died at the National Stud Farm in Lipicca without cause or origin of these deaths is established. A police investigation is ongoing, and drastic measures (cameras in boxes, increased surveillance ...) are proposed to try to put an end to this situation. The atmosphere is extremely tense and gives rise to all sorts of comments including the least credible.

  1. -A breeding competition is to be conducted at the Elfes Blancs on February 25, 2012. Dr. Dobrestberger was asked as an expert to assist the French judges.

  1. -Arles 2013: The «Région Provence Cote d'Azur» and the city of Marseille have been designated as cultural capital of Europe in 2013. The Jalabert brothers wanted to organize a presentation of the Four Academic Riding Schools in the «Arènes d’Arles» in August 2013, thirty years exactly after the first coming in France of the SRS. We have been very happy to help them in the negotiations just concluded with the management of the Spanish Riding School and other information will follow soon on this exceptional event organized under the patronage and with the active support of the Highest State Authorities. The «Arènes d’Arles» will be revisited for the occasion by french fashion designer Chritsian Lacroix and our federation will naturely be present for this event.

  1. -G.A. of FFL: We plan to meet during the month of October in Réalville, where Jean-Claude Olivier, Vice-president of our Federation kindly lend us space to host our first meeting. We will know soon the date selected, which could be a Thursday. We hope that you confirm your application as a member of our Federation, and many will come. We are ready to receive your suggestions for items that interest you to make the agenda. Our Bylaw are on the website, and our rules of procedure in progress.

Always available to answer your questions, and in the hope that these small updates (which for most of them can be found on the website of the FFL: ) continue to meet your expectations, please accept, Monsieur, Madame, Mademoiselle, the assurance of my sincere dedication.



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